Friday, January 15, 2010

Now everything is going to be awesomeousness for everyone!

David 'Jetlag' 'Random Impish Rain' 'The bar tailed Godwit' Tieck joins (on a trial basis sort of) Full Circle With Kismet.

(By the way I am currently in bed, drenched in sweat and my computer is making weird bell noises - hell yeah, I guess)

At least one of us on this show invented a new form of non-flammable toilet paper - freeing all fart lighters and spicy food lovers from horribly burned assholes (I hope it was Kismet, because it wasn't me, and I'd hate to be made a liar here).

Listen tomorrow, I'll be on Skype from Sydney Australia on a poor built in computer mike talking in Seattle, and it will be 8am my time, which is about six hours before my usual wake up time, and I will still be drunk from the night before, hell fucking yeah this is going to be something (assuming something may equal good or bad or weird or train-wreck or hell yeah life changing)

Blog talk radio motherfuckers. Were going to change the, you know, time you spend listening to it, because if your listening to it because of this blog, but you wouldn't have been otherwise, then your world has CHANGED. That's a Dave Tieck guarantee!!!!

Anyway listen please.


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