Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Why don't you just bite me (is a slightly relevant saying)

It turns out that if you always keep your mouth shut you’re MORE likely to be bitten by a spider, (that is if you let one live in your mouth).

So maybe it’s ok to speak your mind once in a while, you know, to save yourself getting bitten by the spider.

Ok, so the fact that you have chosen to allow this spider to live in your mouth makes me think that when your speaking your mind there is a good chance that what you have to say (that is the things that come out of your mind) may not be the kinds of things which people would say ‘wow, that’s profound, I never thought of it that way’ but then again, are you willing to be bitten by a spider just because people don’t find you profound? That seems excessive to me.

To be quite honest what you have to say might end up confusing, and dare I say it even ‘weirding’ a few people out, these will be the words of a man who allows spiders to live in his mouth after all, but my god man, you’ve got a goddamn spider in your mouth, I can’t possible point out just how crucial it is for you to open your mouth at least occasionally.

Are you ever like ‘ah yeah’ and then your like ‘hell yeah’ but then it turns out you’ve just been tricked and that? Fucking tricksters, I fucking hate those guys, they're just real hardcore fucking assholes.

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