Sunday, February 7, 2010

I really am a sweet girl (shit I meant to write boy but I wrote girl, fuck me)

So I was in a bar the other night, and this guy is hitting on these girls near me and I guess he was getting shot down or whatever because suddenly he gets all upset and he's yelling at these girls, and they say some shit back, and then all shit breaks lose and this guy just loses it, and he grabs this girl by the neck and is screaming at her "how do you like me now you fucking bitch" and he starts grabbing her tits, and grabbing at her crotch and she is screaming in distress and eventually I think, "I can't handle this anymore, I have to act"

So I march right up to them and I say "hey you two, keep it down, I AM TRYING TO HEAR THE MUSIC, YOU FUCKS!!!"

I mean my god, some people are just so freaking inconsiderate and don't think of anyone but themselves, shit heads.

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