Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Awesomnessous and suicide watch

What happens when you take a borderline legally insane Australian, an English singer of an all girl rock band, an American actress and comedian, with a Canadian camera man/ producer put them in front of a green screen with all sorts of weird stuff projected behind us, and have us talk about topics inspired by you!

It's David Tieck and his Ok, Intriguing Hell Yeah!!

Coming soon, and its going to be a talk show unlike anything you've seen before! (free too)

So with this awesomenessous coming for me I unfortunately am very worried about a couple of things.

Firstly - I have noticed recently, in Australia and in America, a bunch of girls/women wearing rings on their wedding and then it's turned out they are single!!!!! In some cases they have turned out to even complain they can't meet any nice guys. You're telling everyone you're married, whats wrong with you?

By the way I still remember the first time I was perving at a girl and then noticed she had a wedding ring. It was a sad day. Tear.

Also I am worried about Bryan Adams. I just heard 'Summer of 69' in KFC and it occurred to me that it's been over forty years since that year, forty fucking years, and its still the best year of his life! In forty years he hasn't managed to top it even for one year. And that's the year his band broke up, when jimmy or timmy quit, and the bastard johnny or tommy or something got married and put his woman in front of his band, which is wrong in so many ways, and Bryan doesn't even say it, just straight out he got married like we're all supposed to understand that marriage vows actually mean 'it sickness and in health, and at the expense of the best friends a man can ever have, his band mates' and this is the BEST year of Bryans life. I feel horrible for him. What a miserable life he must have had. I hope a close friend has a close suicide watch on him.

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