Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Speaking of advertisements

Speaking of advertisements

Do you guys remember those commercials where the aliens came to earth and proceeded to enslave all human beings and then found a way to take over our brains in a way which to create a new universe wide peace monitoring love helmet, and then having declared universal harmonization they took up stand up comedy, doing mostly jokes about how hard dating is when your genitals are in a jar which hovers above your head, but those jokes became cliche and were hard to relate to by a lot of humans because our genitals are rarely in jars, and almost never in jars AND hovering about our heads, so the aliens gave up comedy and went into politics creating a brand new political system where all decisions were made through a complicated series of games where the only rules were there were no rules, until that made it hard to tell who was winning so they brought in a few obvious rules like no poking opponents in eyes, because that stings, although poking people in the genital jar hovering about their heads was allowed, obviously cause it's hilarious, and these were comically minded aliens after all, and sadly like most comically minded people they had a dark side, and began to drink and after a while they would let their genitals climb out of their jar for any old whore just to escape their miserable lives for the briefest of moments.

I don't remember those commercials at all. Because some ad campaigns are stupid. I think they were for a soda, or car of some sort that had an awesome drink holder for your sodas.

I guess what I am trying to say, is should anyone be so inclined I would totally love it if you could write a review of my book, or say something nice about me over at Amazon, I really need to start selling those things. Thankyou!


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