Saturday, July 17, 2010

This is information you're going to want to have

Oh sorry, I was just distracted for a moment. You see I was just remembering the last time I had to fill out the “timeless submission form”.

‘What is the “timeless submission form?”’ I hear you ask.

You don’t know what the timeless submission form is?



You know the world makes me sad sometimes.

Actually, you know what. Ok. Ok. I guess I can remember a time when I didn’t know yet. It was a sad time, and if I hadn’t been helped out by a kind stranger I met in a dark ally one night who whispered ‘hey man, give me your wallet or I’ll kill you’ so I kneed him in the nads, and then ran down the street, and then went to a bar and got a drink to calm my nerves, and then I had a bunch, and then I went to he mall the next day, and when I was at that mall I bought the t-shirt I was wearing when I found out about the “timeless submission form”, so I guess I know how you’re feeling right now, so I’ll fill you in. (Ha ha, fill you in, like a form!)

First off there are a lot of awesome things about the “timeless submission form” that I should let you know about right off the bat.

1. It’s timeless, so that’s good. No watches needed. You don’t have to set an alarm to make sure you are up in time for it. By the way one time my alarm didn’t go off and I wake up way later and I’m thinking ‘hey my alarm didn’t go off so I slept well but then missed a very important meeting, which is a good thing mixed with a bad thing, and that’s just what I hate about stuff, you know its good and bad and stuff, so that’s kind of depressing’ but I digress, because the “timeless submission form” is hell yeah awesome and I hate to sully the fact that the timeless nature of it is part of that.

2. It’s a submission form so you can pretty much guarantee that most times the form will be submissive, you know or else the form would be lying with its very name and there ain’t no fucking way that people are going to get away with lying on the very name of a form and still have that form end up being implemented into the official form registry, especially when the form is related to escalators. Oh shit, I just gave away part of what the form is about at an early time than I planned. I am sorry. Still, a submissive form, you better believe that’s an awesome element to a form. So many forms fight back these days. These fucking forms that come armed at your first meeting, I hate those things. Guns, knives. It’s sickening. Yes I am going to poke you with a pen; IT’S YOUR JOB TO TAKE IT!!!!! DEAL WITH IT!!!!! You know, don’t sign up to be a form if you don’t want to deal with the realities of the job, that’s all I am saying. So yeah I form that just lies on the table and takes it, that’s my kind of form!

3. It’s a form. Actually I wouldn’t say that’s one of my favorite things about it. Still it’s better than it being like a laundry basket surely. I mean what can you do with a laundry basket, put laundry in it, use it for a makeshift cage if you catch bats in your attic, make an ironic fancy dress costume. That’s like IT. Where as forms have endless possibilities. There is a form you fill out when you get married, and there is another form you fill out when you get divorced! Seriously! That’s the truth. That’s forms that do the opposite of each other. The opposite! A guitar is awesome, but can it do the opposite of allow a musician to make awesome guitar music with it? Hell no. A TV is awesome, but can a TV do the opposite of display a wide arrange of entertainment options? Fuck no. Forms can do the opposite, and they deserve all the praise they get. People are always getting mad when another celebrity comes out in support of forms “you’re rich and famous, so it’s easy for you to support forms” people are always yelling. Yeah well forms great, and that’s the opposite of shit.

4. The “timeless submission form” is also a rare form printed on orange paper. Sure it’s because of a major fuck up by a paper delivery company which caused three people to get fired, but an orange form? Ha ha orange.

5. It’s made of paper, that means it used to be a tree! Wow, it’s like technology at work. How can you not marvel. Wow, marvel, wow.

‘Have you filled out the “timeless submission form”?’ I was asked once

‘No, should I have’ I replied

‘You don’t have to, but I recommend it’ the answer came back.

Do you know one day someone asked me if I had tried Diet Dr Pepper, and when I said no he was like ‘you should check it out, I recommend it’ and now I drink it everyday! I love it. Right there that is proof, iron clad proof, that recommendations can work in someone’s favor. So when someone recommends I fill out a form I check that shit out.

By the way, a car just drove by out my window. Those are made by stuff they got out of the ground! The ground! Where worms and other various un-seeable to the naked eye parasites live! I’m telling you people technology is amazing. I totally recommend checking it out, this shit is going to take off one day, and you’re going to feel like a nerd if you’re not part of the craze.

Now I am not one for embarrassing admissions, like the time I was on a volcano, and I saw smoke and freaked out, but then it was just a guy smoking, and when I noticed I was like ‘smoking is bad for your health’ and he was like ‘I know, but I do it anyway, how do you like me now bitch’, well I would never admit that I cried because someone called me a bitch, but I did, because I don’t like nasty words than can be not nasty if they use them in their original and proper manner, its rude. But I am telling you this now because I want you to feel fine with admitting to yourself if you have yet to make technology part of your life. It’s not too late, I swear.

By the way one bit of technology I don’t like is the escalator. I originally planned for this statement to be mind blowing, but I already mentioned the escalator earlier so I understand if you didn’t get the effect I desired. That’s my fault; don’t cry for me I make my own decisions. But seriously, escalators, we have stairs and then after shit loads of research the best thing they can come up with to improve this is moving stairs. I am sorry, that’s not good enough. They used to turn trees into forms, and metals and oils in the ground into cars, now they turn stairs into moving stairs. That’s failure in my eyes. Where are the float bubbles, where are the imagination movement facilitating transformation booths. That’s the technology I was taught to love, so escalators are a failure technology. Plus they’re lazy, but if you want to be lazy that’s your own privilege.

By the way who invented the ceiling fan? ‘Fuck it’s hot in here; you know what would be great? If we could attach something to the ceiling to make this exact same air move gently!’ That’s technology failure. Where is the temperature morphing logical flags? It’s technology catastrophe!!!!!

Ok, now that you know the facts, I think you’re heady to hear the truth – what is the “timeless submission form”? Well here is the brilliant thing. Hell Yeah Brilliant Awesomnessous!!

If you now go to any building which has installed escalators, you can request to see management, and then ask to fill out a “timeless submission form” and on this form, along with listing you name, address, tax details, medical history, and submitting a urine and blood test, and hair DNA sample, family history, the name of any people you ever and ‘impure thoughts’ about, you also get to fill out a question that asks ‘Any other comments?’ And right in this convenient location you can write “I think escalators are technology failure”.

That’s right. Right motherfucking there on the “Timeless Submission Form”!!! Can you believe it?

But wait, it gets even better.

If you ever get arrested for a violent crime you can ask to have this official complaint introduced as evidence that you are a forward thinking individual, and because the form is timeless it will always be there, and get this, once you make this request the judge will say ‘dually noticed’. That’s like proper court talk. How cool is that.

So do I recommend the “Timeless Submission Form” you better believe I do. And like I have proven, recommendations kick ass.

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