Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Speaking of friendship

Stephanie was there today. I'd met her a long time earlier when she was selling plastic owls at a plastic owl shop on a day I was shopping for plastic owls.
Her shop didn't have any plastic owls that met my plastic owl needs that day so I promised I’d come back. A promise I kept every day for years.

This impressed Stephanie. 'I’m impressed by a man who is clear and dedicated to his specific plastic owl needs' she said to me, on my 754th straight day coming into the plastic owl store and failing to find a plastic owl that fit my plastic owl needs. 'I like a girl who sells plastic owls' I replied. And we've been friends ever since. We can talk for hours - about owls, about plastic, sometimes even about plastic owls!

It was from her that I found out that plastic can be used to make birds OTHER than owls - eagles, hawks, even some non-predatory birds! Quite incredible really.

I was glad to see Stephanie today as I'd recently stopped visiting the plastic owl store. You see I’ve recently discovered, much to my utter shock, that beavers can't climb apartment buildings! I know. So I no longer even needed a beaver scaring plastic owl.

I learned four other important things that day too:

1. Why Stephanie's plastic owl store never had a plastic owl that suited my plastic owl needs
2.  Why the toothpick collection I keep on my fifteenth floor balcony has never been stolen from beavers
3.  Even Stephanie, who has worked in the plastic owl business for years, still has some gaps in her plastic owl knowledge
4.  An example of Stephanie’s gap in knowledge about plastic owls would be that beavers cannot climb apartment blocks

I was really looking forward to seeing Stephanie because I knew she'd be excited about expanding her plastic owl knowledge, but here is the thing, we had so many other things to talk about today that I never got around to it!

Like for example, during our chat, I learned that plastic can be used to make animals that aren't even birds at all! Like alligators, lions and even non-predatory animals! Quite incredible really.

Friendship sure is awesome.

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