Thursday, January 31, 2013

Strange things which are undeniably true

Coming to a fork in the road isn't that scary - those four different options are all parallel - but come to a spoon in the road and you're fucked - especially if it's full of hot soup - because that probably means a soup truck has tipped over - and helping the driver could possibly delay you

A fortnight probably feels like a lifetime to a two week old baby - unless it was born in America - in which case it probably doesn't know what a fortnight is - but an 'every other week' probably feels like a frustratingly vague lifetime to it

A fist full of soil is a silly place to plant a rose bush - unless you really, really want to give a girl a rose - and she is really, really patient - and she really, really likes guys who make fists for really, really long amounts of time - although if you ask me this girl sounds a bit nuts

Wow, the world sure is a strange place, and full of strange things which are undeniably true, plus who built a fucking spoon in the road???? AAAGGHHHH


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