Thursday, May 22, 2014

Channel Trailer

It's the Daily How to, with David Tieck: Now Semi Daily. There is really no way this should take any time at all to make clear. It's a very simple concept, and it's a concept I execute with a level of excellence and professionalism that it seldom scene in this part of the woods, by which I mean the internet, which counts as woods, because all the storage space needed to file all the stuff people upload, and house all the staff to quickly pop it in the DVD player over at Google's head Microsoft warehouse took up a lot of space, so they cut down all the woods. By the way, remember how hoverboards from Back to the future 2 didn't work on water, well now because of global warming we're all about 6 months away from the whole earth being water, so hoverboards are going to be useless, unlike this show which is very useful, and easy to understand, and get across and easy to explain without a lot of unnecessary beating around the bush, wait another fucking tree metaphor? This is bullshit. I think you get the point, you've all seen the show hundreds of times, if not thousands, like you've probably seen the show at least once for every tree in the forest, which actually explains why I keep accidentally using those metaphors, so yeah, I'll run with that, I won't waste anytime at all, I'll just keep it simple, pointed, concise, and with the fat trimmed, with no needs to paint a picture, or over analyze, it's just very simple, and obvious  - this show is like lots of trees.


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