Monday, November 17, 2014

I met a bird

I had a truly intensely amazing experience today. Yes, I met a bird, and we had an oh so wonderful chat.

I mean we just had so much in common. Of course, sure, like with many conversations that chronicle the journey of current strangers along the safe passage to new friends, we had to tangle our way through sections of small talk and mindless busy discourse, but after a while similarities in our stories began to appear, and we found some amazingly coincidental, yet profound common ground. Like just a couple of examples included exciting things such as the fact that it turned out that we both chose air as our preferred source of oxygen, and we both had made homes in a tiny little location known as the planet earth, and we both could never, ever resist the temptation of a bag of French Fries from the garbage, no matter how moldy they’ve become.

Yep, it became clear that we basically were the same person, or ‘the same bird’ as he retorted, and we both laughed and laughed, the ability to unleash laughter being another thing we had in common. 

Oh sure, there were also some tiny minor differences, like I have skin and he has feathers, but then again both of those options are merely a different example of an identical thing – a membrane like casing focused primarily on evading organ spillage. I mean neither one of us, at any given time, has anything worse than a very minor level of organ leakage. And, ok sure, he mostly flies to get places and I mostly walk, but then again sometimes he walks, and I have been known to occasionally take a majestic leap over a muddy puddle. And yeah, I mostly eat spaghetti, where as he mostly eats puked up worm innards, but I am quite sure I have eaten many a stray worm mixed into my spaghetti, I mean that is what Italian food is most famous for, and he did recount a hilarious anecdote about a time he nearly chocked to death in a fancy restaurant after what he thought was a delicious worm, turned out to be instead a delicate strand of slender fettuccine, ha ha, they had to give him ‘the bird Heimlich-maneuver’, which if I was going to paint a picture of would look almost like using a bird as a stuffed turkey being fed to an Ostrich, ha ha, and all because he accidently ate something thinking it was something else, I literally can’t imagine something like that happen to me.

But yeah, ok, we had a few differences too. He believes when looking at politics you should have an open mind and try and understand the arguments on both sides, where as I believe in trying to understand the arguments on both sides of politics open-mindedly. He believes that where there is smoke there probably is fire, but not to spray the water until you feel the heat, where as I have always advocated restraining your water spraying trigger finger until you’ve confirmed that the smoke you are seeing is indeed coming from the flames you are looking at. Oh and plus his beak is way pointier than mine.

We departed soon after we figured out that last one, and so I don’t know if a long lasting friendship will last in friendship forever or not, but I can promise you, if you are reading this right now new bird friend, the next time I am eating some moldy fries out of a garbage can, you can totally have one.  Oh and by the way, I never did get your name, I hope it’s not something weird; I don’t make friends with weirdoes sorry.

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