Tuesday, December 16, 2014

The Best Day Of my Life Fulfillment – Over my shoulder

This shall be a short blog this evening. Short in length, but not in spirit. For the spirit is long, as are the teeth of the day, for it has been a long day, and therefore I must keep this blog short, for otherwise my sleep will be short, which will extend the length of time I spend tomorrow being tired, which makes me less likely to find the energy for a long blog tomorrow, which I may well be inspired to write, as I already know it shall be the best day of my lif

You know?

It’s kind of weird actually, that’s the first time that I have looked forward since I started this little tour de project here. I look upon my day as the best of my life, which means it was better than yesterday, which itself was better than the day before. But when looking forward the equation is, wait I wrote this as a tweet once many suns ago (why does the moon always get credit in length of time metaphors! Needy bastard).

It turns out that if you live everyday like it was is the best of your life, then in a couple of years today really is going to seem like it sucked.

That was the tweet. I think. Although I am not sure I ever posted it. I do that a lot, I write tweets into my phone, and then judge myself over how I will be judged by them, and then don’t end up tweeting them. That’s kind of stupid. Who even reads my tweets? Few, that’s who, and that rhymes which means it’s poetry, and poetry is sad.

Ok, screw it – I am going into my phone and finding a lost tweet, I haven’t done that in ages, what could possibly go wrong?

This is from July 24 2012

‘If I’d been the one to invent cornflakes I’d be really old right now’.

Why on earth did I deny the world that genius?

I’ll tell you why, because it didn’t need to be said until it was the best day of my life, which is today.

Until tomorrow, which will be a short day if I have a long sleep, which I will decide upon shortly when I take the long walk to my bed, before a short think over what time I should set me alarm for, before my typical long time waiting to fall asleep, which will cause me lengthy efforts in anxiety and frustration, but also short breaths of fire, which I only let out late at night when no one is around, because I don’t like too many people to know I am part dragon, or else they ask me questions about Game of Thrones, which is a lengthy series of books, and require a long wait for the next season.

Oh fuck, I am on page two of this word document, which means this blog is way longer than I intended. Well I refuse to be mad at myself; for sometimes giving a little length is worth it for discoveries of genius cornflake smarts.

Plus I got through a whole blog regularly using the word ‘length’ without a single dick joke! Yay for me.

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