Sunday, December 14, 2014

The Best Day of My Life Opportunity – that’s the spirit

When I first conceived of this new direction for my blog about a month or so ago, although I already must confess that it wasn’t first thought of a month or so ago, it was thought of over a couple of years, but yet frequently abandoned, because I thought it would be too much work, and too hard to maintain at the awe inspiring levels I always set as my minimum allowed.

But ok, so that’s just the point. When I decided a month or so ago to say ‘fuck it, just fucking write everyday, cause you love to do so, and don’t care about results, or any…

Ok, so – the point is there was only one rule or policy for doing this – that I didn’t plan shit in advance, but rather wrote free form from the place where my imagination meets my memories from the day, only with a spirit of remembering the day as if it was the best day of my life, and more than that, to spend the day as if it is the best of my life, and let the writing of this therefore take care of itself, after you know, chucking all that shit in a blender and then adding maple syrup for sweetness, only to discover drinks made up of ideas are occasionally not as good as pancakes.  

Wait, Ok, but that’s all fine, but I keep failing, I keep pre-planning, or at least thinking about what I am going to write in some way. To be honest I even pre-thought about writing a blog tonight about how I don’t want to pre-think stuff anymore. Then I allowed myself to do it again anyway, and I haven’t every night, to be clear, even some…

Fuck it – today is the best day of my fucking life, why am I trying to quantify or qualify, or explain, or any of that shit, it’s against everything this blog is about.

Ok, so time for the real blog, just whatever comes into my head, but while still keeping in mind the thoughts about direction I only partially summarized above, before abandoning for being against the very thing they are trying to quantify.

Rules man, rules suck. I mean they do have their place in a civilized society, like if there were no rules anywhere, it would be damn hard to find a place that sold excellent donuts, because they’d probably all be stolen, and full of razor blades, because if someone was stealing my donuts everyday you better believe they’d have razor blades in them. Or maybe not even razor blades, cause you can see those too easily in a donut, all metallic and sharp and stuff, and frankly I think those properties would fly directly in the face of what I was attempting to achieve as a master donut craftsman, have I promoted myself a couple of times, in terms of my donut making title, or qualifications, so far in this paragraph? I am not sure, but frankly I deserve a promotion. I am a master crafter donut staffer, which actually sounds like a lesser position, because of the whole ‘staffer’ element, where as I assume I’d be the boss – but you know why I think I’d be the boss? Because I sure as hell would not bake, or fry, or microwave no donuts that looked so metallic and sharp that you could hide a razor blade inside of one and not have it easy to notice. So if people were stealing my donuts, I’d probably have to stick it to them with some form of poison, or miniature self-shooting pistol, or possibly even just make a batch or two of ones that don’t taste good, then give them to the crooks, who wouldn’t actually be crooks in this scenario, because of the lack of rules in this society, and after these miscreants had stolen a couple of bad batches in a row they’d stop stealing, and I could go back to selling my delicious creations, at high and yet reasonable prices and we’d once again have peace on earth.

But we don’t currently have peace on earth, and maybe, just maybe it’s because I haven’t encountered just the right conditions necessary to inspire me to take up baking.

Ok, so the point is – I have no idea where all that last section came from, or what, if any, point I meant to make is it there.

But fuck that.

I think we have all learned something here today – rules are good only when they are good. And I don’t think anyone has ever thought of that before, let alone said it.

The point is, today was the best day of my life. I did a shit ton of acting and filming, and LOVED it, I saw a beautiful sunset, and I ate some delicious cake. I’m sure at least one of those three things will have an impact on my life at a future date, even if the connection is tenuous at best. If it does though, I will be as surprised as you are, because I aint pre-planning shit anymore.

Wait I think that last sentiment was actually the point I was trying to make all along. 

Ok, so does that mean I am opening a donut shop or not?

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