Friday, December 5, 2014

The Best Day of My Life Project – a few times a few times a few equals eighteen

Today was the best day of my life, and I will tell you why – I bought a clipboard!

I mean that wasn’t the only thing I did today, I also ate a few of times, I used ‘the facilities’ a few times, I showered a few times, I scratched my nose a few times, I watched birds flying across the sky a few times, I checked my email a few times, I looked at the dead ants in the poison on my kitchen floor and thought ‘I really should clean that one day’ a few times, I peed a few times, I smiled at a stranger and then thought ‘oh fuck that’s a mirror, wow I HAVE lost weight’ a few times, I checked Facebook a few times, I thought things a few times, I used the amenities a few times; and that’s just the thing, everything I did today, and most days, I did a few times, but that clipboard, well I only bought that once.

This of course means numerous things; the purchase of the clipboard that is, rather than my ‘few’ nature of existence, let’s say this means precisely three things, or if you want a more general answer a ‘few’ things:

-       I now own a clipboard
-       If I ever see anything that makes me think ‘hmmm, I like that how it is, but what if, and I am just thinking out loud here, what if that same thing was clipped to something, possible some form of board, maybe even with some form of clipping apparatus already attached to it, a board that clips you may say, well I think that sounds like it would improve this situation remarkably’ well then I own something that will make that thought really come to life.
-       If someone asks me anytime soon if I own a clipboard I can confidently answer ‘um, yeah, I think so’.

And that’s the thing with doing things only once; you can really get deep within the enjoyment of it. I mean it turned out in the end I didn’t need the clipboard for the thing I thought I was going to need it for, so it was a totally waste of time and two dollars buying it, but that’s not what I am focusing on, I am focusing on the uniqueness of the experience, which is awesome, and really is something I typically only do a few times a day.

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