Friday, December 19, 2014

The Best Day of My Life Stream Roll - The Biting Truth

Just had a friend telling me how he can see the positive changes in me lately. My response, well I didn't actually say it cause it feels too corny, but positivity breeds positivity! 

Yay. It's working. 

And now as a palate cleanse from that icky soppy self-congratulatory self-love, ewww, here is a list of things I hope never bite me in the face: 

- A grizzly bear that had just eaten a salmon so had bad fish breath, ew, gross. 
- Any spider bigger than your average small child, ew, kids yuck. 
- Any of my grandparents, ew, fake teeth, man made plastic, ew, blaggh, oh they're all dead too, but that wouldn't bother me as much as the teeth. 
- A garden hose, ew, puke, inanimate object. 
- A bucket of vomit, ew, why'd you eat teeth? If you're vomiting them they were probably fake manmade ones, ew, disgusting, icky, spew, yuck.
- Another face, what? How can a face bite a face, that seems impossible, I mean a rocking chair can't bite a rocking chair? Ew, scientific anomaly. 

Alright, now don't we all feel better with all that gross soppyness gone? 

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