Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Best day ever celebration - misfits from the spaceship

Hurt hurt hurt 
I can feel my heart beat 
I can feel everything 
Through you 

It's a zit, not just any zit though, I'm talking about the best zit in the world. My zit. My zit on my lip. My zit that feels like I've been shot in the face. My zit lip that's a hit with the misfits from the spaceships. 

I'm only lucky enough to experience this type of physical wonder maybe 10-15 day a year, so I must embraced it. 

It's like a comrade, a buddy, my throbbing little zit confidant who comes with me everywhere, on the train, in the shower, if I get kidnapped along he'll come, no need to feel alone on even the loneliest dark alleys late at night, and if a rat attacks me noting to fear, my zit is here, no rat will chew my face off with my little playmate to scurry him away.  

Red like a stop sign, that says to people STOP, don't talk to me,
I have a cohort today already. I can be alone without being lonely. 

How can today not be the best day of my life when I have a constant chum to call my own. An ally who will go away as fast as he came, but while he is here will not let me spend one moment without knowing he's there. Today is perfect. 

Well I did I have a potentially life changing audition and it didn't say 'bring a friend' so I might not get that one, but who cares life changing opportunities can happen any day, but friendships like this are only 10-15 days a year! 

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