Thursday, February 12, 2015

Best day ever declaration - factual proof

You know what's a good trait for someone to have - rambunctiousness. 

You don't hear that often enough anymore, but if you did how awesome would it be. Consider these factual conversations that would take place: 

'I bought you a kitten, she's rambunctious'
'A rambunctious kitty, for me?
'I shall call her ramby, and declare her the best kitty in the world! 
'Did you see that new politician they found, he's quite rambunctious'
'Really? I declare him president of the world!'
'Why did you assume he was a he?'
'You said he's rambunctious, "he's" rambunctious' 
'So you just listen to me now'? 
'Thats so rambunctious, I declare you the best friend of the world!' 

'You know what I like about rambunctiousness'?
'How rambunctious it is?'
'Yes, I declare it the rambunctious of the world!'

Wow, that'd be awesome. Lots of rambunctious people and animals around, people declaring stuff all over, stuff that's affects the whole world, with rambunctiousness. Awesome! 

Well I'm Dave, and I'm feeling rambunctious today, also a hint of rapscallionism if I'm honest, but mostly rambunctiousness, yep it's early but already easily the best day of my life! 

Ps. Today's blog brought to you from my friend who earlier said to me 'rambunctious - that doesn't sound appealing'. What an idiot. 

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