Sunday, March 15, 2015

Supercharged Reevaluations

Holy crap, I've just been thunderstruck with a revealing revelation: 

The make-up and beauty product company 'Revlon' and the mostly dormant yet spirited ideology of social revolution which lives deep within our otherwise cynical souls actually have a shit ton in common. 

Consider these truthful truthinations of undeniable fact: 

- Both Revlon and social Revolution look good on someone's lips, as long as the color choice is complimentary to the wearers complexion and other style choices. 
- Julia Roberts and/ or at least one other highly decorated actress has been involved in both. 
- A tonne of shit weighs the exact same as a ton of hope. 
- Is it 'tonne' or 'ton'? Depends where you are right? 
- Where you are currently is EXACTLY where you are!
- Neither Revlon nor social revolution have solved the ultimate question of why silence can be deafening. 
- You know, metaphorically, silence won't literally make you deaf, but it can plant a seed of lonely discontent with the potential to grow into a deafening primal scream which could ultimately make a person consider making drastic changes in their lives in an attempt to excavate the loneliness via encouraging more personal friendships by perhaps changing their regular eye-shadow brand and/or joining a social justice crusade! 

Holy fuck. That was all fact. Holy fuck, this isn't a coincidence people, shit is going to go down. Oh plus they both have 'rev' in their name so they probably love super-charged automobiles. Well I for one am heading to the woods, where I'm going to shovel up a shit ton of hope it all works out ok! 

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