Monday, March 16, 2015

A VERY good reason

Ok, fine, I'll tell you a VERY good reason to climb the next random stack of discarded newspaper you stumble upon in a dark alley next the back entrance to a combination Malaysian/Singaporean restaurant that secretly hosts underground poker tournaments in their basement which are regularly frequented by both high powered public officials and highly ranked organized crime bosses who both tip equally well the young waitress who had been working there since she ran away from an abusive family and has now nearly saved enough money to start her dream degree in communications at the local university which previously had had a bad reputation due to an unfortunate prank pulled by a former student involving a famous actress and several bodily fluids, but that reputation is on the up and up since two students started a world renowned phone app development company which now proudly boasts their apps on ninety five percent of worldwide smart phones and who in two short years have expanded to having offices on three different continents and employees in the hundreds, while combining financial success with a very generous philanthropic side, contributing to charities including, but not limited to, Cancer research, get kids fit campaigns, and several projects helping citizens in third world countries with everything from fresh water availability to schooling - because climbing stuff is a good way to get onto stuff! That's why.

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