Tuesday, March 17, 2015

I promise

I had a long day on the road today. Really fucking long. And on the road. Which, by the way, is my favorite place to be on when I'm driving. Like I spent three weeks driving on nothing but the bone marrow removed from aliens that was hoped could be turned into a cure for melancholy, until it was discovered that aliens like melancholy, because in their societies it's a sign of screw-ball insistence that air-born hilarity is possible in raspberry flavored coffee, and therefore discarded as a cure option and instead turned into a road surface for cars driven exclusively by humans who live their entire existence in a grounded reality completely devoid of flights of fancy and unconscionable excavations of the imagination, once and it wasn't as smooth as the road. And while I was on the road I came to the following conclusions. 

- I'm tired.
- Really tired. 
- I need some sleep. 
- Lots of sleep. 
- To relieve my tiredness. 
- Which is 'really' in nature. 

I just have to write my daily blog and then I can go to bed. Oh man, I'll start writing it soon, I promise. 

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