Wednesday, March 18, 2015

A lesson in bars

I haven't written my blog for today yet. As I am sure fans of my past six months of stone cold stubbornness about never ever going to sleep without posting a blog that day, will have noticed and protested. 

I'd like to join in the rioting but I simply cannot, as I am in my car at a random truck stop, in the middle of nowhere with no phone coverage or Wi-Fi whatsoever, as this is where I stopped when it came to my attention that I needed to pull over immediately or carsick throw up on myself. I haven't puked yet, but I did make an awesome observation about it:

'Puke on the grass is probably exciting to certain animals, birds maybe. Exciting cause they can eat it is the point'. Yep, that's the type of witticism I can conjure at even my most sick feeling times. 

I shall post this tomorrow morning at some point, after hopefully sleeping off this car sick by sleeping in the car. But before I attempt that I do have one more amazing comedy point to make to you all:

'I think if monkeys could talk most of the stuff they'd say would be monkey related "I'm a monkey" for example' - and this is obviously a demonstration of what I think zoo school would be like, especially monkey zoo school. 

Night every body, wherever you are, time for me to car sleep off carsick, who knows what tomorrow will bring?   Ear poke my ear hole to alleviate an ear ache? Or maybe I'll just watch monkeys eat puke. 

Ps. When I woke up I discovered a heavily pregnant lady breast feeding (yes) right next to my previous nights toilet region. You know what that means right? I think she about to give birth to a monkey! 

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