Saturday, March 21, 2015

Whimsical Distraction

It was gone before I arrived. I was devastated. Distraught. Dead set deluded into devilish overuse of D words. Like damnation, derivative and even depletion. A D word that's found its use depleting in recent times, in a hilarious twist of ironic fate so full of delicious whimsy that even thorn shaped piggy banks would be all like:

'How am I a piggy bank if I'm not a piggy? And for that matter I'm not a bank either damn it. Those are multifaceted organizations with numerous branches, diversified avenues for revenue raising and boring physical presences - I'm a thorn bitch, I can make even a romantic gesture of roses a blood drawing battle, not some cold square with a roof, when was the last time a square did anything bad ass? Maybe Tiananmen Square in China but the square was only partially responsible, you've also got to factor in politics, social unrest and international pressure, not to mention that gas bomb that made everyone on earth think they were sponges for three days in 1972. Why doesn't anyone talk about that? Why the cover up?'

Ok ok, let's hold it right there, ha ha, silly thorn piggy bank making up stuff, ha ha. Like there ever was social unrest in China. Coo Koo. 

I think I've gotten off point a tad. The point is it was gone before I arrived. It was a shame really. A silly salvation free substitution for scandal and salutations. But at least it wasn't bloody whimsical. 

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