Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Free name tags

The combat was sloppy 
I'll give you that 
Really awkward too 
That's unquestionable 
But awkwardness matters not 
When sloppiness is at hand 
For the awkward are damaged
The sloppy merely lazy
Well, damaged too 
I mean almost everyone lost at least one limb
That's damage in my book
One guy just a hand 
But it WAS his favorite hand 
Surprisingly, that wasn't his writing hand 
Or perhaps it's not surprising
Now that I think of it 
He WAS one of the sloppy ones
Awkward too
Especially after his hand was gone
He was crying 
Bawling really 
Saying stuff like 'my hand, my hand, my hand' 
We get it 
You've lost your hand 
Stop whining 
I almost cheered when you finally got speared
All of them 
So your families and homes are gone  
It's no reason to fight sloppily 
So they're almost all dead 
So we need new recruits
So who wants to be a new member of the PTA? 
Free name tags! 

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