Friday, April 3, 2015

Window I say

The searing scope of the window knows no bounds. 

Boundless I say. 

Boundless, I say again. Not because I thought you may not have read it the first time. In fact I assume you DID read it, or else why would you have moved onto this paragraph? I mean I get that some people skim read, especially something like a blog, even from a genius blogger, but even if you're skim reading you're not likely to skip over a three word paragraph. So yeah, you read it. And therefore you are welcome to know that I said it again purely for effect. 

For the power of repetition is boundless. 

Boundless I say. 

That time I was was repeating a statement of the boundlessness of repetition, not again repeating the boundlessness of the searing scope of the window, which is of course boundless itself, much like repetition, but even something that is boundless should be used with restraint. 

Or else the thing that makes it boundless will be how lacking in bounds is the ability to be mildly redundant. For mild redundancy is boundless. 

Boundless I say. 

You know how this works by now. We discover something that is boundless, and for effect we repeat it. Because the greatness of discovery is motherfucking boundless. So you know, that the most recent time that I mentioned that powerful line where I mentioned boundlessness and then followed it by saying that this was something I say, that. was there to cement the powerful statement that I had made about redundancy. 

However, this time something different happened. Before the opportunity had come to solidify the knowledge of what exactly I was confirming was boundless we discovered something new that was boundless, being discovery itself. 

So are you ready for a mind blowing discovery? Everything that happened in today's blog beyond mentioning the searing scope of the window was discovered as I sat staring out a window, and therefore the only true boundless thing that there ever was was the searing scope of the window! 


The power of epic mind blowing cocksucking shock is boundless.

Boundless I say. 

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