Saturday, May 30, 2015

A story about being skinny

Trevor was skinny.
Really skinny.
Because everyone named Trevor seems to be skinny.
It's almost like a guarantee.
Your friend says ‘hey my friend Trevor is coming around’ and you picture him in your mind, then you always picture a skinny person.
Also you may wonder why you didn’t get an invite.
But that’s between you and your friend.
And his friend named Trevor.
If you want a skinny kid name them Trevor.
Girls too.
She’ll be the only girl at school with that name, which is cool.
Plus with a boys name she won't get as many creepy internet stalkers.

This Trevor I’m talking about was a boy though.
Oh and a fish.
That’s an important element here.
That helped him be skinny immensely.
For every fish in his species is skinny.
In their society you only get fat shamed if you get bulging eye disease.
Something that happens to around 40% of them.
Fat shaming is rife in their lives.

But not on the internet because it's hard to log on underwater without your screen getting distracting glitches.

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