Thursday, July 23, 2015

Crow Crime - a poem

The positive, yet silent, crow sat on a telephone wire. 

He was positive because he'd just eaten a pink cupcake that he'd pinched off a small child who responded by making a weird wailing noise akin to the sound females make when they have decided to seek a new lover, and she had leaked water from her face the way his favorite cave's walls did when a drought had broken. So he took this as a great omen for his life to take a new direction, full of love, and rich with possibility. 

He was silent because, as he was to imminently discover, the feeling he felt welling in his throat was not in fact pride at a well pinched meal, but mealy growing symptoms of an allergic reaction to the pretty pink frosting, and that within the hour he'd be dead. 

Later that night a drug deal was conducted below him, as teenagers mistook his dangling corpse as a pair of tied on shoes. 

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