Sunday, July 19, 2015

Watch Out - a poem

Gerald threw a spanner into the works.
It was a BIG spanner too.
About the size of a hatchback.
And they were small works also.
Basically a wrist watch sized mechanism.
But also literally a wrist watch mechanism. 
Which was attached to the back of a wrist watch.
Which is to say that it was a watch that he was breaking. 
He didn't so much stop the cogs spin, as obliterate the watch to the point of people starting to question how this mess could EVER have been a watch.
People began to question their own memories 'I remember a watch being there, but there is no chance that was ever a watch, therefore my memory must be false, what else do I think has happened that isn't real? Help me, help me, help me, my whole life could be a lie' some of them would be heard to say.
Gerald was also concerned 'I still don't get it, when I asked out Stacey her boyfriend, who I didn't know she had just to be clear, I'm not an immoral dick, said to me "you really fucked me over dude, even though she didn't say yes, you put something in her mind, you really threw a spanner in the works, you know?" But even now that I have literally thrown a spanner in the works I still didn't know what he meant' he thought. 
It was rather frustrating.
Although, on that day, he did start to find some clarity over some other aspects of his life.
Like why other kids would say to him 'geez, were you conceived in a nuclear power plant'.
Why his dad had bought his first tool kit at The Emporium For Giants.
Why coach REALLY, REALLY, REALLY wanted him on the football team. 
 Why he was the only kid at school who used two jeeps as roller skates.
Why his Dad was occasionally on Game Of Thrones even though he'd never acted before. 
Why he thought a full sized deep fried cow was only an appetizer.
And why he could never find a band for his watch that fit around his wrist. 
'I guess being a teenager is just confusing for everyone' he sighed, as he fell asleep that night, accidentally crushing the bridge he was using as a pillow. 

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