Monday, August 10, 2015

All she wanted - A Poem

All Karen wanted was to see Connecticut during the autumn when the leaves were in their full fall colors.
'Oh I'd love to see Connecticut when the leaves were in their full fall colors' she'd exhale, with her hands on her heart, and whimsical joy in her voice, whenever she'd see images of the falling leaves on one of her beloved Connecticut set, foliage happy television shows. 
'We live in fucking Vermont' her husband would scream every time she raised it. 
The 'the leaves are every-bit as good here, if not better' was by now left unsaid.
That and more were implied in use of the word 'fucking'.
It was a space and time preserving trick, and clearly a novel use of language.
It also served to compliment and accent what a tremendous dick he was. 

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