Tuesday, August 11, 2015

By my calculations

Robert 'Bob' McGrath was South Florida University's premier astrophysicist. He was internationally renowned, and an acclaimed author of best selling 'astrophysics for the layman' books:
- Comet inside and learn.
- Meteorlright by me. And
- How 'twinkle twinkle little star' is turning kids into little morons.

But Bob was frustrated. 

'I just know EVERYTHING, I miss the joy of learning a new equation' he lamented one day to a buddy. 
'Just get all the knowledge taken out, get a lobotomy' came the reply, as a joke. 
But Bob took it seriously. 

He just re-learned 1+6 = 7.

It made him so happy he peed his pants. And the institution he now lives in punished him by strapping him to his bed without dinner. 

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