Thursday, October 15, 2015

Flop Heavy

Bill bought a blue shirt.

That stupid damn, dinglefaced, scar smelling, gargantuanlly biscuit minded, suitcase with no wheels even though it's very very heavy, tree that grows coconuts but doesn't grow coconut opening knives or machetes, tile stained with flop sweated, jalape├▒o flavored hair cut, tumble weed inspired phlegm fighting, yes man even when no is the clear answer due to logistical, beurocratic and unfashionable yet constitunally reprehensible in a no good way, fat wallet with seeds for no longer popular plants, simple eyed, fenced from leg warming long socks on a cold, breezy and heavy locust swarming swimming hole imagination vacationed, monkey titted but male titties, vacuous, poor at judging and planning in regards to likely weather conditions likely to be faced, like a teddy bear with one foot slightly smaller than the other but not in a cute way, using a moisturizer not ideally suited to his particular skin type, dumb, stupid, idiot, moronic, dumb, idiotic stupid dumb moron! 

Oh wait, no, sorry, it was Belle who's viciously deathly allergic to the color blue, never mind.

Fuck, I should probably should uninvite her to my pool party this weekend, I heard there's going to be sky. 

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