Wednesday, October 7, 2015

The wall

He climbed on the wall. 
The wall made of brick.
The brick made of dung.
The dung made of left over Thai.
The left over Thai made from a variety of traditional ingredients native to its creators homeland.
The homeland being Thailand.
Thailand being the country in Asia occupied and managed by the Thai people, although at various times the area her ancestors came from was occupied by the Dutch, The Nippon Empire, The Ottoman Empire, The Sofa Empire (zing), the Germans (but only in their minds) The Thaisoils (a small group who rose up and took the nation briefly after realizing that technically if you buy 'land' it doesn't include the 'soil' on said land, which made them worriedly worry that Thailand didn't own his own soil), and the Chinese who realized Thailand at one point only owned their soil, so took the rest. 
The homeland made from tradition, gumption and a a remarkable ability to reclaim what was rightfully theirs.
The gumption made from patriotism. 
The patriotism made from lack of anything else to believe in. 
The lack of anything else to believe in made from history teachers lacking the ability to really inspire kids with their nations own history.  
The teachers made from made from broken up wall segments! 

By which I mean he tried to see if he could blow himself and cracked a rib, but told everyone he fell off a wall. Most people believed him, but I for one thought his explanation wasn't detailed enough. 

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