Friday, December 11, 2015

Screaming, SCREAMING!

Well if no one else dares to say it then I will!

'Highborn to the kaleidoscopic melodrama of the miracle circle of absolution in a eon of gravitational jousting for tyrannical bruise based theories of yearning for policing operated at the junction of query and lice spreads among the French like solitude gripping through the soda bubbles of tank noised hunger pangs screaming, SCREAMING, for a Scandinavian styled light beam raining upon the lousy purgatory of focus, until it is beaten into a small cube that wished it was a ball' 

Would make an AWESOME name for a program to encourage more youths to skip three lunches a week to spend time contemplating the sheeting of marsupial dreams into bite sized luggage-ware. An AWESOME NAME! 

Yet the Grand Valley board of school maintenance keep telling me year after year 'yeah, not bad, but naming valuable programs isn't our department, although when it happens, we may totally get to make a sign! That it'd be pretty cool. Wow, a sign, people would see it and stuff, maybe even read what it says! We could be like GIVE WAY or even YEILD! Wow'.

Not bad? You fucking animals. I'm looking out for the kids here, you bastards. Now I'll never get to say to airport security 'no you'd think leather, but it's actually sliced bite sized marsupial dreams? 

You know, assuming after all those contemplation session the kids would advance on to physical invention. 

Which they wouldn't, kids are so fucking lazy. They even left all this up to ME to dare to say! For shame. 

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