Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Wet with curiosity - a poem

Kelly found a coffee mug, at the local park, deep into the notorious south-east wing, of the dark and constantly moist shrubs.
She also found a soiled adult diaper covered in seaman. 
But that's gross, so we're not going to talk about that.
The fact that she kept the mug is gross enough. 
I mean who keeps a shrub mug? 
That's disgusting. 
It's the one she uses at work too, which means that in reality the whole work uses it, because people in offices are assholes when it comes to other people's property.
I once came to work and found my 'word of the day' calendar already flicked to the new day! 
Flicking that was the highlight my entire day when I had that job. 
And by highlight I mean the only two seconds I didn't think about going to the bathroom and drinking all the drain cleaner. 
Of which there was a LOT, because people in offices are gross when it comes to office bathrooms. 
Fucking assholes. 
So hey look Kelly...
Maybe stay out of those shrubs. 
EVERYONE knows the reputation they have. 
And you have to poke around?
And grab a shrub mug? 
And now I'M thinking about a horrible memory. 
The word of that day was 'baroque', and now I STILL don't know what it means, because I accidentally flipped it not realizing as yet that some other asshole had already done it.
And now I've just realized I said 'flicked' earlier when I meant 'flipped'.
Your damn poking around has ruined my afternoon Kelly.
And to think that I was nice enough not to tell everyone what you did with that adult diaper! 

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