Thursday, January 28, 2016

A worldwide journey to become a household name

Kev wanted to be someone who could be described as being a 'household name'.
So he traveled the entire globe, and  attempted to knock on every single door, to try to introduce himself to every single person. 
The mission did not work out as he'd hoped.
(He had a remarkable ability to regularly time his knocks for the same time people had scheduled their monthly bath, oh and many people in places like Siberia, Belarus or the posh parts of England didn't understand what the hell 'g'day mate, let a bloke introduce himself, the names Kev, or Kevo to me mates' even meant). 
Still the legend of 'the ol' bloody stump where his hand should be door banger' does get told around the odd camp fire now.
So it was still totally worth it. 

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