Wednesday, January 20, 2016

The inevitable future

The light alighted above her head. She could feel the glow. But she did not take a look right away. She needed to steel herself first. It's not that she had not done the work. Diets. Gym. Tanning. Fashion. She'd done them all over the years. For this. In search of this moment. And here it was.

She took a deep breath. Closed her eyes. Turned her head upward and slowly let her eyelids pry open. 

It WAS true.

The light was green.

This was the moment. Seventeen years since the invention of the technology. Fourteen years since the scanners were put on every human. Dozens of incidences of seeing others have their lights turns green. And now it was HER time.

This was HER scientifically judged, proven and registered most attractive minute of her life. This was a fact. She'd never looked as good. She'd never look as good again. This was her peak. Her beautiful summit of beauty. 

She smiled. Taking it in. Feeling the glow. Feeling excited. Feeling gorgeous. Feeling on top of the world! 

She closed her eyes again. And smiled. Briefly. She opened them again and looked into the mirror. Her smile beamed. Her teeth soaked in the green light. And she made sure she enjoyed every second of this. 

However, just as she thought life could never be this good again, as her smiled stretched wider than it had ever been before, the pressure on her cheek skin slightly tinged a pore or two, and the light turned back off. Never to aluminate again. 

She turned around. Paused for a moment. Then reached for some toilet paper to finish wiping. Then pulled up her pants and walked towards a dark unknown.

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