Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Hard to eradicate

Here's something not enough people think about often enough: 

"There are few individual grains of sand which have achieved enough in the fields of hairdressing, hair undressing or undressing hairless rug salesmen to raise the profile of things that mostly come in grain like forms to a level of household relevance, and yet MANY individual grains of sand HAVE raised their own individual profiles enough to warrant being personally styled by the hairdressers to the stars, at least for fancy sandwich-press grand openings! Which are events sadly ignored by the press.

Wow. The lessons here are clearly clear. 

'What are they then Dave?'
'What David?'
'You said they were clearly clear so what are they?'
'They're clearly CLEAR, I don't need to  share them, that's what being clearly clear means'
'No, being clearly clear means being so clear you clearly can't be seen, and if I can't see you then of course I need you explained to me'
'But you can see me, you're looking right at me' 
'I know that, but that's not clear'
'Of course it's not, I'm not a ghost you dick, how is that not clear to you?' 
'If it was clear I'd be looking through you, not AT you, you piece of shit'
'No need for name calling you motherfucker'
'Wow, wow, wow'
'Wow what?'
'Wow, this section of dialogue really has NOT made this blog make any more sense than it previously did'
'No it doesn't, but that doesn't explain the above' 
'Which bit of the above?' 
'ALL of it, every last fucking bit' 
'Okay, OKAY, I'll admit it. It doesn't mean ANYTHING, well except the obvious'
'Which is what'
'Sand is stupid'
'Oooohhhh, clearly. I mean shit, fucking hell, just say THAT next time' 
'Sure, of course'
'Cool, thanks, (smiley face)'
'Yay. So is this bit done?'
'I think so'
'Then why are we still talking?'
'I don't know'
'Then stop'
'You stop'
'No YOU stop cunt face'
'Seriously dude, I mean SERIOUSLY, it's pretty clearly clear that that is bad term' 
'I know, I didn't mean it, I just desperately want this section to end'
'So do I'
'Well stop talking then'
'YOU stop talking' 
'No you fucking stop fucking talking'
'No fuck you, you fucking stop fucking talking you fuck'
'Ohhhhhh, yeah, okay, yeah that'll work'
'Yeah I think so too'
'Let's try it'
'Starting when?'
'Now would work'
'Oh oh, you know what would work even better?'
'Starting n........'

Today's blog was brought to you by:

- Hairy sand, you think it hurts YOU to wax your bikini line? Well hairy sand is made up of ONLY bikini line, ouch. And 
- Dialogue sections that fail to either excite, enhance or even slightly explain the nonsense that proceed them. And 
- Decisions. Great decisions, decisions like deciding to walk places more, but also awful decisions, decisions like thinking 'I haven't blogged regularly in ages and I want to get back to it, just start writing something, ANYTHING, you'll find SOMETHING interesting eventually'. And 
- Eventually. A time period clearly not discovered in this particular blog. Wait wait wait 'Clearly clearly' not discovered in this blog, and if you can't see that, then that's what that term means"

Yep, people don't think about the above NEARLY often enough. And you know fucking what? I'm okay with that. 

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