Saturday, June 16, 2018

Today’s question is.... revealed in this blog

Today on - Today’s question is - we have the usual, todays question - so please give a big today’s question cheer for today’s question - coming up momentarily - and now without further ado, and possible devoid of ado period - or is it adieu? - I don’t know, it’s not important - because it’s time for...


If butts were made of poop. And poop was made of whatever butts are currently made of. You know butt skin and butt chub and stuff. How quickly would you give up eating clam based taco shells? 

B. Depends how soft these new ‘poops’ are? 
C. Why would someone make a taco shell out of clams? 
D. In this scenario what’s my ‘front butt’, so to speak, made out of?
E. Why do you assume I have to ‘give up’ clam based taco shells? Why have I been eating them? Who made me damn it? What is this horror world you’re describing? 
F. Would I still have to give up clam based ‘faux’ crab shells, cause NEVER! 
G.  Why did you even pose this? 
H. Plus ‘butt chub’? You couldn’t google the technical term you gross bastard? 
I. Although, ha ha, ‘butt chub’! 
J. Oh shit, is this a list? I thought it was multiple choice question.
K. You fooled me you dick. 
L. Fuck you. 
M. Eat a bag of dicks you dick.
N. No wait, a big bag of butt chubs! 
O. Ha ha, I used your own foul thoughts against you! 
P. Take that.
Q. Oh shit, I just thought about clam based taco shells again. 
R. I hate this quiz.
S. I really fucking hate it. 
U. Wait, where is T?
V. I’ve come this far and I don’t even get a T? 
W. That’s my fucking favorite letter to make shirts in the shape of! 
X. I HATE you. 
T. Fuck you! 
Y. All of the above. 
Z. None of the above. 
T. You clammy f’n dick! 


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