Friday, May 31, 2019

One of THOSE days, man

One of THOSE days man - with Guest blogger - “Two handed” Jimmy McYeep

Have you ever had one of those days where you’re just like “oh man, oh hell yeah man, if I had a bus man, woah, the things I would do! Man” 

You know those days? 

Cause man. Oh, um fuck yes man, yep, I’m having one of those days man, and if you’re one of those people who’ve had a day like that man, then you know it dude, you know it don’t ya? It’s fuckin’ rad man. It’s full on rad like a hat in the wind that’s your size on a day where the wind is your speed in a town where it’s a no hat no service type of vibe, and the kites that are a’flyin are telling ya that the speed of wind thats blowin’, well that’s your speed of wind, and it is flyin’ high my friends, so this is your type of town, and you’ll get that service if ya want it, but you don’t know if ya do, because the wind in question hasn’t told you WHAT it is blowin’, now has is man? 

Yep, it’s rad I’m telling ya. I’m beaming. You’ve been here right? Wow a day where I get to dream about a day where I might have a bus one day, man, that’s the dream man! 

There’s so much going through my mind right now. Just so much man. Like...

- what kind of bus would it be if I had a bus? 
- would it be any color I wanted? And if not could I paint it man? 
- would it have lots of seats? 
- or lots of space seats may have been at some point? 
- or might STILL be one day?
- oh hell yeah man? 

And that’s just the start dude. I means maybe it’s even before the start man, because that’s not where the joy ends man, no way that’s where it ends, the end is far out in the distance, like a horizon that can’t be seen because of the carnival of joy that’s descending towards the cliff face of fun, and you know you’re gonna get to ride the rollercoaster right off that cliff man, because your daddy owns a piece of the pie in the pie store that’s sponsoring the cow competition and those are benefits you can take to the bank, with the chance to walk right up to the manager and say, I get service today, because see this hat, it blew in just like I said it would man! That’s how far from the end we are man, because this rad journey of awesome times has barely even begun man, and if you’ve had one of those days man, you know the other part of the joy wave I’m surfin’ to the pie shop man, I’m surfin’ a swelling pride of also getting to imagine what I’d DO with said bus if I ever got to have one man, things like...

- wonder who chose this chair configuration? 
- think about how much paint it would take to paint it a different color should there be a color I’d prefer enough to climb off my high horse and trek down to the paint store and jump off my high horse and unleash my paint purchasing skills to the levels of aplomb I’m most capable of, man, regardless of horse size?
- Consider drivin’ it somewhere? 
- The bus that is, man. 
- Consider NOT drivin’ it somewhere?
- The horse OR bus that is man?
- Regardless of height of either? 

Hell to the yeah down by the beach side kite store man. The possibilities are ENDLESS. Endless like a Pandora’s box of pent up bath tub scum around the edges of a well worn magic chest of hope that you’re holding up high man, in both hands, or maybe even only one hand man, I’m not judgmental. Who could be judgmental on a day like this dude, cause I’m having one of those days man. 

Yep one of THOSE days! 

Because oh man, oh hell yeah man, fuck yeah, I get to think about what I’d do if I one day had the chance to one day own a bus man. 

Fuck yes. 

I hope you’re having a rad day like this too man, or at least you’re flyin’ a kite or something, because rad days come in all sizes dude. Just like hats in the wind...

Also anyone want pie? If so, give us a buzz. I know a guy. 

Yours sincerely, 
“Two Handed” Jimmy McVeep

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