Sunday, April 5, 2020

Ready to go down to fun town in a fun down way? I personally say try this…

A day or so ago I did something remarkable. Something truly revolutionary, and yet, also old school home comforting.

Something almost certain to remain mentioned in the eons of the Mention Brigades mention files forever. And the Mention Brigade are people you can trust.

So to be even just mentioned by them, let alone be mentioned by them in the eons of the their Mention Brigade files, well wow, I’m both humbled and old school home well deserving of it.

See, you see, I did something remarkable – I finally proved, without a shadow of a doubt, that looking up is fun.

You can hold your “applause”. I have already imagined it, and I’ll tell you, it was spectacular, and I basked, oh dang yes, I basked.

However, something has happened since this happened. I’ll call it a happening, because those happened in the 70s, and people liked them, and I like things that are likable, even though this particular thing is not in its nature likable, even though I personally like it, because it is more intriguing that likable, and there is nothing I personally like more than being intrigued, except maybe being given the opportunity to italicize the word personally, but I think we can ALL agree that even DREAMING of such a thing, well, yes, I wont even ask, I will simply go fuck myself and assume you requested it.

This thing you see. Well it took me by surprise. And yet it excited me. And I think it will excite you too. I was asked something I don’t think anyone has previously even dared dream of being asked. I was asked this….

“Can looking down be fun too”?


Oh dang woah.

Woah town.

Down to the woah village and start a ruckus so intense that enough people come by to check out what is going on that now there is so many people in the village it’s basically now a town.

Woah town.

I wasn’t expecting the question.

I just wasn’t.

In fact, and I hate to admit to my failures, whether they be tiny, or like in this case - MAMMOTH (the size, not the animal), but when I fail - I love to admit it, and I will admit it right here. “Can looking down be fun?” I don’t know good enquirerer, I had never even CONSIDERED such a thing.

I’ll give you a moment to compose yourselves dear readers.

I am aware of your shock.

I am compassionate towards your newfound fear of placing your “what is fun to do at home” trust hands, upon by sweaty upturned brow.

Yet fear not thank you please.

For I have crawled out of my humbled hole, and soared once more. That’s right. I took this question in my stride. And more than that. I took this question in my heart. And when I dug into my chest and pulled my still beating heart out, and spit washed the black exterior off with a firm rub of an old napkin I found in a random purse I discovered left in the back seat of a taxi, I discovered something. Something beautiful.

That’s right.

A question had been asked – “Can looking down also be fun?”

And I looked at my freshly wiped heart and discovered an answer. No. Sorry. I will NOT underplay this. I discovered THE answer.

That answer…

Personally (tee-hee that was just for personal fun)


Consider this: Where down is, depending on where you are at the time your considering down, but definitely at least some of the time where down is – sometimes there is a RUG!

And rugs can be fun.

Of course they can.

Consider these fun things that you can DO with a rug…
- Wonder if it ties the room together, man.
- Look at it.
- Wonder if you overpaid for it.
- Wonder if you underpaid for it.
- Wonder if you wonder too much. OR
- Wonder if your wondering would be more interesting if you wondered while lying on your rug.
But there’s one thing you’ve probably never even done. Or even wondered if you should THINK about doing…

 - Look at your rug

And looking at your rug is FUN! Especially if…

- You’ve wondered if you underpaid for it and decided… YES.
- Wondered if you wonder too much and decided… NO, cause some of that wondering is rug related. OR
- Italicized the word personally while on your rug.

So it’s official. Looking down is ALSO officially FUN! Congratulations down lookers. And while you’re down there, look for these words…

Fun is FUN.

(Fuck. Ok I’ll admit it. Catchphrase coining is fucking hard. And I’m an expert at fun at home things to do the fun files, so give me a break please. By the way, you can actually hold your “giving me a break”. I already imagined it, and it was pretty damn good. And I basked. Oh dang yeah. I BASKED).

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