Thursday, November 5, 2009

Escaping my hiding place - Chapter 22


“Sometimes what would be considered a success to you will be considered a failure to others;

That doesn’t mean you have been any less successful”

I sat down on the floor outside her room for a few minutes, feeling rather despondent, and a little unsure about what to do next. The thought of the full on orgy taking place in the bands room was rather a turn on when I was getting some loving myself. Now it made me feel sick, just slutty girls and asshole guitarists taking advantage of their starry eyed fantasies.

I clearly couldn’t just go sit in the corner and watch until they were done, and then ask if there was somewhere I could sleep. “Where the hell is Hannah?” I thought to myself. There really was nothing for me to do except go for a walk. I went down the hall to the lifts and waited for one to arrive. When I got in I studied what was on each of the floors, conference rooms, and ball room, and restaurant, lobby of course, and ah hah, a fitness centre.

It was the middle of the night so the fitness centre wasn’t staffed and had no other guests around. I went inside to the gym area and found numerous televisions, and was able to put one on and sit on a bench press bench and watch some weird sport from ....Sweden.... which seemed like a cross between indoor soccer and dodge ball. “Not quite as good as having sex with Lisa” I mumbled to myself.

I’m not sure how long I was watching for, I just remember waking up sometime later with a security guard standing over me.

“What are you doing down here….the fitness center is closed?” He grumbled at me. He was an old man, must have been seventy, but he was still strong, I could tell by the strength he put behind the pokes he was giving me

“I’m sorry” I said

“What room are you in?”

“I haven’t got a room”

“Then what are you doing in this hotel?”

“I am hear for a party…..with the band….you know up stairs….L-I-L….I mean lost in life”

“Are you really with them?”


“What room are they in then?”

“2407….it’s the suite, top floor….down the hall…on the right”

“Ok….well why aren’t you at the party then?”

“They were…um….they”
”They were what?”

“Well to be honest…they were having sex…..I couldn’t stay”

“The girls left that room an hour ago” he grunted

“Are you sure?”

“I’m quite sure….the guys called me to have them removed themselves”

“Ok….well I guess I better go back up”

“I think you better lad; because if I catch you sleeping in the fitness centre again, you won’t be coming back into this hotel ever again….you got me”

“Yes sir”

So I made my way back over to the lift, stalked the whole way by this grumbly old security guard, “I have always hated fucking security guards!” I thought to myself. He watched me press the button for the twenty fourth floor, then gave me a look which said “You’re under my power now, you little brat, and I’ll wield that power over you any chance I get”. I didn’t really want to go back to the room, but I knew I had to now. Who knows what that old prick would of done if he thought I was lying about being with the band?

I opened the door slowly and eeked my way through it, expecting everyone else to be asleep. They weren’t. Instead the three guy band members were all sitting on the couches, dressed again fortunately, smoking cigarettes.

“HERE HE IS” One of them yelled at me as soon as they spotted me coming in

“I HAVE TO SHAKE YOUR HAND AYE” Another of them said, before they all got up and grabbed my hand and shook it so hard that I semi dislocated my shoulder

“What have I done?” I said

“HEY….WHAT’S ALL THE FUCKING RACKET OUT HERE…SOME OF US ARE TRYING TO SLEEP IN HERE” Hannah yelled as she finally came out of the bedroom, with messed up hair, and wearing pajamas

“Your friend JayJay here has cracked that Lisa… boys have been trying to pry open those legs since she came to visit Marlin in Malaysia” One of the band members said to Hannah

“Did you really? I’m so happy for you JayJay” Hannah said to me, suddenly awake and excited

“I didn’t do much” I replied

“No need to be modest there Jay aye…we saw what you two were getting up to on the floor over there….and you’ve been off in her room for three hours” the third band member said

“Woo woo…go JayJay” Hannah said with a huge smile

“I wasn’t in her room….I was in the gym” I said

“Don’t give us that…you had her practically cumming all over the floor there just from sucking on those titties of hers….she was gagging for you to fuck her aye”

“That’s what I thought….she just needed me to help her with her fucking room key though…then I didn’t want to come back….you know with what you guys were doing in here” I said

“She wanted help with her fucking room key?” one of them screamed completely in shock “what a bitch aye….I would of bet one of my houses on her wanting to do you” Said band mate two

“You’re telling me…..can I ask you guy’s one thing though?” I asked

“What?” They all said

“Why do you guys call your keys V-cards?”

Suddenly they all burst out it fits of laughter. They were absolutely pissing themselves

“Ha ha she said ha ha ha….that she wanted help, ha ha ha ha …with her V-card” One of them laughed out “Ha ha and you thought ha ha ha and you thought ha ha ha that she meant her ROOM KEY” Laughing like hyenas. It must be hard to be a hyena everyone thinks they’re laughing at everything. Maybe that’s why they are so vicious; they’re just trying to prove how tough they really are. You don’t look like you’re laughing while you’re ripping the flesh off a giraffe! Just another example of a clichĂ© that’s not fair on animals isn’t it? Like ‘Hungry as a hippo’, they’re big ok? They like to eat, leave them alone. Anyway

“What is a V-card then?” I asked now a little concerned

“A V-card isn’t a room key JayJay” Hannah said, not joining in on the laughing “A V-card is Canadian slang….meaning virginity….if you have still have your V-card, then you still are a virgin”

“No fucking way” I said

“By the sounds of it….Lisa was asking you to take her virginity” She continued

“No Fucking way” I said

This made the boys laugh even harder, they laughed like they had just smoked a forest of pot and were watching videos of monkeys eating poo. It had been a while since a room full of cool guys had laughed themselves stupid at my continued misfortune. I can’t say I’d missed it.

“I’m sorry JayJay” Hannah said

“Can we go?” I replied

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