Saturday, November 21, 2009

Little known facts about Australia plus whats the best moments of your life?

Being an Australia in America people often ask me what Australia is really like, and usually I tell them its pretty much the same as over here, but there are some weird things, so I fell I may as well share them, so blow are some

Little know facts about Australia

In Australia

Hippy loving tennis ball collecting fans of the old school circus arts are thought to be the least likely people to drink Diet Mountain Dew

Beating a dead horse is considered kinda fun and way less cruel than beating a live horse, although eating a can of dog food is just sad

Men don’t call their wives their better half they just refer to themselves as her inferior half

It’s not considered wrong or cruel to use a cat as a cereal bowl, it’s all about spending quality bonding time

After years of putting up with 'did you hear' and 'did you see' Australians got fed up and declared touch the number one sense. ‘Did you touch the news?’ we may be heard saying

You’re not considered a man until you have drunk so much milk in one sitting your urine turns white, fortunately it’s never caused any guys to go weird or anything.

If you glue your penis to a tree you some people may think you have weird sexual


If a dog eats a human poo they get told off yet if a human eats a dog poo they get sent to the loony bin, yet that seems unfair to us

Regularly cracking joints is not considered enough justification for medical crack cocaine

As well as being a social lubricant drinking beer is also thought to be desirable alternative to catching monkey fever

Oh also, I am thinking of exploring what people consider to be the happiest moments of people's lives and seeing if I can recreate some of those moments for myself, so what are some of the happiest moments of your life? Who feels like sharing, especially those stories where happiness came from unlikely sources?

Oh on another note, what do you fear

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