Thursday, December 17, 2009

Go on, name and shame me

I just watched two shows back to back which talked about people's nick names and it occurred to me that I have never really had a nick name, other than Tiecky, real fucking creative the million or so people I have met or come across world, thanks a fucking lot. (just for that I am collectively nick naming you peoply, see how you fucking like it!!!)

Is it that hard people? Spot something you know about me and call me the opposite, hey you with the long hair, I'm going to name you short hairy, ha ha.

See then were all happy, but me, and the unimaginative tools who came up with that just reverse cliche shit.

If you want to figure out your porn name its easy, you take the street you grew up on and your first pet, which is fucking awesomenessous unless you grew up on small street, and your first pet was named picnic, cause Small Picnic is an awful name for a porn star, plus what kind of a name for a pet is picnic, stupid half dead bird I adopted after it had been run over by a car, you were an awful pet, and I am glad the next door neighbors cat ate you on the lawn. (wait, on the lawn, for a meal, like a picnic, ha ha, ironic).

Ps right now I am dripping in sweat from showering. I think I need to work on my fitness again.

Anyway, I want a nick name, hell yeah, god damn it. And you can't nick name yourself, unless you are one of the biggest tools to have ever lived (I'm looking at you every single rap singer ever). So I am looking for suggestions.

Nick name me people. I want suggestions from all of you readers of mine. Then I want to pick the best and have a vote. Then I want to tell people I am now Dave (tbd) Tieck, and you better not forget it.

Hammer me people.

By the way

It turns out if your nick name is 'cancer face' and you have skin cancers on your face then your friends might be dicks!

Oh also

It turns out that having a pony living in your pubes is worse than having crabs! Yet 12yo girls are still asking for ponies for xmas! Wow kids are so cute, dont ya think?

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