Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Equality is all about equality

Snow is equal to a plasma tv, stick enough of either up your nose and you'll wish you were born in Africa

A happy birthday sign is = to a glass of water. Pull either out of your underpants and you wear way too big underpants

Making love to a Victorias Secret model is = to a bear licking your ear lobe. If no one else saw it, then it didn't happen

The missionary position is = to a shot of tequila. Give either to a 9yo and there is something wrong with your morals. Plus I'm here ladies!

A slam dunk is = a to bowl of chilli, you make either in a fish tank & PETA hates you

The whites of the eye are = to saying 'hello governor', both would be massively desirable if coming out of a victoria secret models vagina

A victoria secret model is = to murder; not worth the fantasy

Dave Tieck's mind is = a 49 inch penis, just be glad you have neither deep inside of you :)

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