Wednesday, September 5, 2012

The flight of the Canaries

I haven't blogged in ages. Mostly because I have been busy; and yet also because I haven't gotten around to it because of busyness. However something happened this week that was just too dramatic to NOT blog about it. 

I flew from Los Angeles to Sydney, and let's just say it was a roller-coaster. 

Here are the high/low-lights. All times in are Los Angeles mean ordinary time. Los Angeles being the place where I began…. But would I remain there….. Stay tuned….

-       9: 30 pm – Boarding
-       9: 45 pm – Take off
-       9: 49 pm – I fell asleep
-       5: 27 am – I wake up and go for a bathroom break, and make a shocking discovery - my hair is looking particularly cool, and I mean PARTICULARLY, I really don’t know to deal with this.
-       10:17 am - Hair not looking great, but it has potential.
-       10: 39 am - I feel like a soda, and think ‘they should put Walgreens on planes!’ Oh man, inside jokes when I am alone bring me so much joy. You have no idea how hard you would be laughing right now if you were on the inside.
-       10: 49 am - Staff announced they are about to commence breakfast service and then gave estimated arrival time in 'um, um ..... Sydney!' Should I be worried they're not sure where we're going? The fear of being on a plane possibly heading ‘anywhere’ makes me realize something drastic – it’s been ages since I checked my hair.
-       11:12 am - Bathroom has been occupied for ages, still don’t how my hair is? What if it’s back to being cool, or even being PARTICULARLY cool? And if it is, how do I deal with that?
-       11: 44 am - Back in bathroom, hair looks great, phew. Yet not ‘particularly cool’. Was it only to be but a brief moment in time? And if it was, how do I deal with that?
-       12: 10 pm - Kid next to me is picking his nose, that bastard! He's stealing my move!!!!!
-       12: 12 pm - Guy in front of me is watching a movie featuring topless girls; you can show that on a plane now? I must admit rather than being turned on, it made me think about the kid wiping his booger on her boob. Man the kids today. Gross.
-       12:27 pm - I don't think I'll need to pee again before we land; now I have no excuse to check my hair!!!! Oh no, it may be up to forty minutes before I get to check my hair again, how do I deal with that?

I know it’s hard to believe, but this was all a true story.

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