Sunday, October 21, 2012

And now for some whining

I have a cold which is a way of saying that I am sick and my sickness is making me feel bad especially seeing as I have to get up early tomorrow and my Nyquil isn’t working fast enough and if I don’t get to sleep early then getting up early is going to make me feel bad and keep in mind that I ordered pizza for dinner and I didn’t enjoy it as much as I thought I would which I think is because my head is all blocked up from my cold and this is the cold which is making me feel bad and yet I still have lots of left over pizza to eat in the future because I like to order so much that I am guaranteed left over which is why I ordered too much tonight but if I didn’t really enjoy the first run of the pizza then I probably won’t enjoy the left overs but also if I don’t eat them I will waste them and wasting food makes me feel bad as there are hungry people in the world which is a big political issue which reminds me of the election that is happening here in the united states of America which is where I am writing this from and which is the political thing that most people are talking about recently in this place I am writing this from and that is a political thing making some people angry and when people are angry then it makes me feel bad that they are angry and even though it is not me that they are angry at because I don’t even get a vote on the political issues in this country let alone a get enough of a say so as to polarize people because of the opinion of a position I have stated I believe about is different from the opinion of a position from other people who have different positions from my opinion and their anger at me would make me feel bad which is why I don’t like to think about politics because ultimately you can’t make everyone happy which means you end up making at least someone unhappy and that makes them unhappy with you which if it was directed at me would make me feel bad and yet I don’t even have the option of having that which makes me feel bad and also I forgot to chew my chewable vitamins C which is like both rejecting the very thing which makes that product marketable as chewable and also costing me the potential positive effect on my cold whether from the healing properties of the vitamin C or from the placebo affect of thinking that this is something that vitamin C is capable of doing which would make me feel bad about prolonging my cold which is the very thing making me feel bad.

On the other hand I just saved on a lot of unused punctuation, so that’s good right?

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