Tuesday, June 17, 2014

How to meet me for lunch

Two days ago I did 'how to pay men like that to talk' and it was a very popular episode. I got thousands of people telling me how much they liked it, and from what I understand dozens of men like that have now been paid to talk. It’s really been a society altering episode, maybe even earth changing, especially the parts of earth with societies.

However, it hasn’t all been good news. Yesterdays episode 'How to do impressions', while beloved by the masses, was, as I have been emailed about by many, many angry people, was not 'how to meet me for lunch' as promised. My email box sounds like a damn pinball machine with angry responses, 'where is 'how to meet me for lunch’ damn it?' people have been emailing me, ‘how the fuck am I supposed to know ‘how to meet me for lunch’ if you don’t fucking tell me?’ others have written, and ‘I’m going on a hunger strike until I am dead, that’s because you didn’t do ‘how to meet me for lunch’ you prick, till I’m DEAD I tells you’ has been another common response. And I know, I am sorry. Here it is, it’s one day late. That’s the joy of a daily show, it’s only ever one day late, if I miss something, not that you don’t have the right to be pissed off and threatening life threatening strike type dedications, those are very valid responses, I am not in anyway discounting your acceptable and understandable reactions, just that it’s daily, so, sorry, I won’t let you down again, ok? I promise.

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