Sunday, November 23, 2014

The Best day of My Life Initiative – Six and out

Hello everybody, fans, well wishes, innocent bystanders, guilty opportunists, shifty eyed psychopaths and people currently reading this. It is really fucking late, that means it’s the exciting time to once again play the exciting game that has me all excited – why the fuck didn’t I get around to doing this earlier, I need to go to sleep.

Now, I know what you’re thinking – ‘Dave, despite the fact you just used the word “exciting”, or a word very, very similar (for the sticklers) three times in one sentence, for some reason I am getting an unhappy or possibly even negative vibe from you’ – well, here is what I have to say to that – you’re WRONG. I don’t have ANY vibe going on right now, I am vibe free, still as a lake that a dead bird fell in long enough ago so that the ripples are no longer visible the naked human eye, neither shaken nor stirred nor prodded with a straw hoping it will make the ice melt faster, tightly held in a tight clasp of loosely hanging stildom. I am vibe free, unencumbered, unadulterated and unqualified, and even if I did have a vibe, and I don’t, that vibe would be far from negative. It would be a sweet, nectar oozing positive vibe, if I had a vibe that is, and I don’t. I am vibe free, unmoving, unthawed and ununmotionless, and I am stationary like this in a super positive happy way, and I will tell you why – because today was the best day of my life.

I began filming a web series today, which is super cool. I like co-wrote it, and I am co-starring in it, and I think it’s going to be co-awesome. I mean how could it not be? It is a web series, and webs are sticky, and pretty, and delicious and it is also a series, which are ongoing, in a row, and delicious, and this thing we are doing has both of those. It’s like a fun exciting adventure, and that’s now the fourth time I have used that word, or a word very, very, very similar (for the sticklers). I reckon if I used it perhaps somewhere between one and three more times, discounting the options one more and three more, and then quit using that word right there and then, perhaps adopting a method often seen in old movies where a form of radio transmitter is being used requiring you to say the word ‘out’ after you say each sentence, or else your pets just stay in the room contributing nothing, then I could probably get away with that amount of using that word tying nicely to the title I currently have sitting as a working title for this blog, and I won’t even have to bring up the fact that I watched some cricket today also, which will save me explaining how the words ‘six and out’ refer to a rule often implemented in backyard cricket to discourage people hitting the ball into other people’s backyards, swimming pools, and piranha ponds, and if I could avoid having to write that I think I would find it exciting.

Wow, I am excited now, I wonder if or how I will find a sixth opportunity to use that word, or a word very, very, very, very similar (for the sticklers).

Oh I also think I got a little sunburned today, which is cool, because it means I went outside, and I don’t think I get to say that everyday. So that’s three awesome things in one day – started filming my web series, got sunburned, and you know the other one. Three enjoyable, excit…. Woah NOPE, don’t fuck it up now Dave, unforgettable adventures. Living each day as the best day of your life sure is ex..tremely fun.

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