Monday, November 24, 2014

The Best Day Of My Life Initiative – Seven day weeks

Hello, hello, hello – well this is certainly exciting – and by ‘this’ I mean THIS, as in right now, what we are doing, which is something different for all of us, for the most part - especially those of you who spend most of their time contemplating the complete saturation of complex machinery trusted with filling gum machines in a philosophical and metaphysical, and possible even obstictypical way, which I began to write with the intent to mock, but now find myself desperately wanting to know more. How long have you been doing this? Really, MOST of your time? Does contemplation ever lead to actual action? Why do I have this entire section within parentheses, aren’t they supposed to mostly be used to indicate a minor point, possibly a degree a two away from the main topic of discussion? Who the hell am I to define, or even discuss the intention and dare I say it ‘rules’ of punctuation? Do you think anyone will Google, or even look up in a dictionary, the word ‘obstictypical’ to see if it’s a real thing? Why am I still exploring this sidetrack? Because I want to, that’s why! Wait, now I am answering these questions myself? Because if I can do that, why did I wait for that particular question to begin the answer part of the session? Anyway I might go finish the thought I meant to make a long way above this, cya!) (Wait, don’t go, I meant ‘cya’ as a message and friendly sign off to that line of thought, not to you the readers).

But I mean ‘this’ as in now, right now, this second, where we’ve all found ourselves at the same place at the same time, only at very different times, especially when you take into account not just where and when we are in the physical reality of the present, but also where we have been, and gone, and explored, before finding ourselves right here right now, at this exact moment, to be reading this blog (you) or writing this blog (me). Wait, unless you are writing this blog too! Wow, imagine if you are? Then what am I doing? What are any of us doing really?

Hang on, hang on – this new blog direction I am going on here in this blog, and by ‘this’ I mean the greater blog, or the royal blog, you know, the entire blog, rather than this specific edition, or example, or specific post of this blog, which makes me think about the fact that all we know right now, in this moment, is all that we know to be present. As in, while you read this blog, perhaps you are at a desk, or on public transport, or even reading this six hundred years from when I wrote this, having found it burnt in giant letter across a canola field, and yes I chose 600 years very, very specifically, it is not some rounded up or down or out number, it is a very intentional and precise number, as is the fact that I chose a canola field, I’m just saying that I know some things people, by which I mean I have predicted some stuff, stuff, given the seriousness of it, that should probably be discussed at a whole different time, and possibly completely different forum. I just can’t even begin to start with it here and now.

Ok fine, I will start – here are some predictions:
1.     In 600 years exactly there will still be humans.
2.     In 600 years exactly these humans will still consume products made out of canola.
3.     In 600 years humans will still occasionally discover stuff.
4.     Like the fact that occasionally other humans will waste a hell of a lot of time burning random ancient and obscure writings in fields of crops.
5.     Just out of boredom basically.
6.     Yes, I am serious, this is very serious, can you believe that in exactly 600 years some humans will not have all their time occupied at all times with relatable entertainment options, work responsibilities, and home life? Wow, such a different time from now, it really makes you think doesn’t it?

The point is that this is not the blog, the time, or the place to philosophize. It’s not about theory, or even relativity, this blog has only one intention or goal – to point out, and explain why, today was the best day of my entire life initiative!

So yeah, that’s all I have time for really, I got a little side tracked for a little while, but I am glad I found my way all the way back to the proper starting point. If I had a little more time I might even expand on where the starting point intended to get me. You know, why today was the best day of my entire life initiative.

Ok fine. I will just a little. Today was the best day of my life because that’s how I have decided to view it at the end of the day, and as much as possible during the day, and that’s exactly what I have done today, so it’s been a rampaging success.

And I have been up to this for a whole week now! It’s pretty damn sweet. Wait a minute, now that I read this back I never opened the parenthesise I so eloquently discussed at the top at all, I merely closed them. And so here it is, yet another reason why today was the best day of my life initiative – I can fix my mistakes anyway I damn well please.


Wow, now THAT felt good.

Ps. ‘that’ is a very close cousin of ‘this’ – sometimes it’s nice when family gets togather.

Pps – can Finnish people every finish anything without being mocked?

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