Thursday, December 11, 2014

The Best Day of My Life Consequence – watch out bees

I had one of those days today.

And by ‘one’ I mean singular.

And my ‘those’ I mean super busy. Like from the moment I awoke till now, closing in on 4am, where I really need to go to sleep.

And by ‘today’ I mean like in the immediate past, like not even last week man, not even close to last week, but like way closer to now man, like today even.

And by ‘of’ I mean let’s set this beehive on fire with a water pistol filled with zooning potion.

And by ‘had’ I mean H-Harlequin A-Ardronony D-Delinquent, but you know, with the letters not capitalized, obviously, which I am sure you know means it’s a far more clear and relevant h-helicopter a-armpit d-donation.

And by ‘I’ I mean me, as in all the things that make me me, like all my feelings, all my thoughts, all my memories, all my loves, all my frustrations, all my atoms, all my emotions, all my hates, all my physical motions, all my imaginations, all my illusions, all my anxieties, all my dreamscapes, all my cells, all my visual delights, and all my forgotten skirmish realities – like I am talking ‘I’ motherfuckers, and that aint no little thing, that’s like many universes colliding at speeds so fast that even like really fast runners, you know like at the Olympics, not necessarily the guys n gals that win golds or anything, I mean pretty much everyone there is fast, at least those there who value speed as a good thing when applied to its full potential in their given sport, so you know, even those guys would say ‘yeah that’s pretty quick, so like ‘I’ is no little thing ok, it’s a whole fucking lot of thing. I don’t know why we let it get away with being just one skinny little letter. Even ‘me’ gets two letters, and me is just some self-involved egotistical cunt.

And by ‘ ’ I mean like the space between the words, so that’s kind of irrelevant.

Actually no, fuck that. Sometimes the space between words says a lot more than the words themselves. Especially when that space is taken up by some evil genius pressing the ‘go’ button on his ‘shrink the world to the size of a small hazelnut machine’, which never ends up working right because of his insistence on the very specific shape of a hazelnut to be his ultimate vision for the world, even though the beneficial practicalities of the re-shape far outweigh the hassle of getting everyone to move houses and the like to fit the new mold. Oh also a ‘go’ button, what is he, like 8 or something?

So yeah, I had a very, very busy day. But I was mostly doing dream chasing type activities. And it is for this reason that even though I don’t have time to blog tonight, I could not possibly miss it, because it was most certainly the best day of my life.

And by ‘certainly’ I mean that I have no notion of forgotten marginal groa…. Well you get the point.   

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