Tuesday, December 2, 2014

The Best Day Of My Life Scheme – Is today’s title

 I feel like singing that title right now for some reason. I have no idea why, I feel like I very rarely feel like singing things these days, and nothing particularly musical is in my mind as I type this. Perhaps I merely have a song in my heart. I was about to write ‘I don’t I even think have a song in my heart’ but then I caught myself and upgraded it from ‘don’t think I’ to ‘perhaps I’, and it felt good to make that change. I think self-upgration is underrated frankly, so much so that it isn’t even a real world. Although I can’t coin it now, because I did a lot of that yesterday and I don’t want to cover the same things two days in a row.

I feel like I have now just overthought and judged myself off the upgrade, without even focusing on the thing I was upgrading. It’s just about having a song in my heart, stick to that Dave.

Then again why is it always the heart that get’s to have a song in it? Sure the step gets to have a spring in it from time to time. And most of the body gets to play with some pins and/or needles from time to time, which is a pretty fucking vicious sounding thing, especially for me, who quite often spends much of my dreamland picking out a seemingly endless supply of needles, staples, fish hooks and other forms of thin sharp metal from deep into my skin. The point is doesn’t the heart have enough in it already with all those pig valves, and pacemakers, oh and I think love swings past there from time to time? Isn’t it time we gave another body part a song for a change. 

You know what, I am going to do something about this. I am officially promising myself for the rest of the evening, on this day, which is of course the best day of my life, I am going to let my pancreas have a little bit of a song in it. I won’t let it out in any major verbal ways, not wanting my roommates to have to be awoken to the sound of my pancreas singing, which I assume would only be as equally as good as my mouth, which is only excellent to advanced excellent, when calculated on a scale made up of my current singing skills mixed in with the singing skills of my previous selves, many of whom were quite atrocious, meaning the current, awful when compared to most humans singing voice I have now, can seem quite amazing when instead compared to past me.

So yeah, today was a great day, blah, blah, blah – I’m off for a pancreas song, oooh, I hope it ends up being a song from the heart, fuck, I mean a really personal song which really breaks down what it’s like, the trials and tribulations, the needs, desires and obstacles and the real honest truth about the full on pancreatic experience, cause then maybe I’ll finally figure out what the hell the pancreas actually is!  

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