Friday, January 16, 2015

Best day ever celebration - an ending

Hello hello, today is the best day of my life, and yet It's also my birthday at midnight tonight. 

How old am I turning? Let's just say that it's less than 62, far less. Also less than 61, but not far less. I'm very specific with my far lesses, and it's the day before my birthday so I get to be.

It's also very far more than 12. Keep in mind that my very far more is different than my far more, as of course my very far less is different than my far less, and yet my far more and far less is not equal to my far more in numerical number, although my very far less IS equal to my very far more, although in opposite directions obviously, and yet I use them to express very different emotional opinions on something's value when compared to something else's value.

It's a very useful system as I never find myself saying something such as 'that movie was far better than I thought' without knowing precisely what 'far better' means, something a lot of people struggle with, especially when reading over transcripts of their conversations at a later date, as I do frequently. Sure it costs money to have someone transcribe everything you say, but if you don't what's the point of coming up with precice rating systems? 

Neil Armstrong, Clive Churchill, Babe Ruth, John who works at my local crematorium, all great men, beloved, champions of their field, but why? Well here's something they all have in common, they were all 38 at some point, as I too may be one day, possibly this evening, I don't know I'm not big on counting. 

But it's a great age. 

I mean its got the number '3' in it, which is how many fingers I'd have if I lost seven in a bizarre two handed yet one hand more affected than the other accident. And yet I haven't been in said accident, so that's something to celebrate. 

It's also got the number '8' in it, which is how many fingers the doctor would joke I'm lucky I didn't lose in that accident, 'I'm sorry to say you've lost seven fingers, better than losing eight though, am I right? High five! whoops, bit hard, yep I better redo those stitches, now don't cry, I said whoops' I imagine he'd say. But Like I said, I haven't been in that accident. So that's also something to celebrate. 

Yep, me thinks this is going to be a pretty good birthday, already two awesome things to celebrate, I'm set. It might even be way better than last year! No no no, very much better. Yep specific rating systems rule.  

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